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To all current and future patients:

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June 2018

Great Dr their and staff is always helpful when I call and come in for every thing and my Dr Pickens Patterson he and his staff are friendly they will look for you and work with your other Dr offices to make sure that you get the best care not just for your pain management he talk to your others Dr to make a difference in your overall health care so to find out the true meaning of the many different pain. Now that what I call a Great Dr looking out for his patients well being. So make sure to give him a call and the other wonderful Dr in Interventional Spine and Pain Management they will treat you right!


June 2018

I have been seeing Dr. Vinaya Puppala at the Carrollton, GA office since February of this year. When I first started going to him, I was in horrible pain. He has given me several treatments and now I’m back playing golf with no pain. Dr. Puppala is a wonderful doctor and I am so grateful I found him. I’m recommending him to all my golfing buddies!

Craig H.

June 18, 2014

I went to see Dr. Escorcia last week. I just  had a baby five weeks ago. I have not been able to walk or take care of myself or my baby. Great news! Dr. Escorcia has been able to treat me and I am now standing, walking and caring for my baby. Dr. Escorcia, you are an amazing physician. Thank you very much.

March 2, 2014

For over 6 years I lived with being woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating head pain and eventually getting out of bed with a headache that wouldn’t go way until late afternoon if that.  My jaw and ear would pop and ache.  This occurred more than not.  If I had to do an average I would say minimum of 20 days a month.

I knew it was my neck.  I had seen an ENT who referred me to an Oral Surgeon (thinking it was lock jaw) who referred me to a Neurologist who referred me to an Orthopedic with no help from any of them.  Through all of this I was also seeing a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist.  It would be relieved for the time of treatment but that night…it returned.

My GP recommended Alliance Spine and Pain Centers.  That is when I met Dr. Preetesh Patel and my life would be changed!

My first visit he was able to pin point the pain, explain exactly how I was feeling and then decided on treatment.

I had my 3 trial injections and once the Insurance was contacted to do the RFA they rejected it saying I hadn’t tried other alternatives!  REALLY??  Dr. Patel was furious and demanded a peer-to-peer conversation.  I was told that he explained everything in detail and he fought for me with the insurance.

During the 3 weeks of recovery from the RFA I was in constant pain.  Not my head buy my shoulder.  I was told it would eventually stop but I requested something to help the pain because we were leaving for 2 weeks of vacation and I couldn’t wait.  At that time he did another block injection.  The next feel days were tolerable…

That was 3 months ago and guess what – I haven’t had a Head, Neck, Ear, or Jaw Ache pain since!

PRAISE GOD!  I have a few sinus headaches and KNEW it was sinus.  I know what the other pain was and it definitely has not been that.

All of this to say THANK YOU to Dr. Preetesh Patel and his team.

You have made me pain free for the first time in many years!



April 30, 2013

I have been in the care of Dr. Preetesh Patel, and staff, for nearly one year. My experience with them goes far beyond just professionalism, which one should expect.

During this year, Dr. Patel has used every option available to him to provide easing my chronic back pain. I can honestly say he and staff have kept me on my feet, working as a health care provider.

The staff is caring, compassionate and gentle. As a patient, these are very important to me being on both ends of the spectrum, in my field. I would most highly recommend this practice to any person in the need of care for chronic pain. May thanks to Dr. Patel and staff for you exceptional care.


Dr. C. Pulido,

I was very impressed with Dr. Pulido his professionalism was impressive-made me feel comfortable and confident in his ability!

Connie S.

Nov. 2012

Hi Dr. Preetesh Patel,

I just saw Bob Young, the P.A. from North Fulton Internal Medicine Group in Roswell. I walked for him! I was so excited to show him what you had done for me. I think he was amazed! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the steps we have made and will make. I have hope and life again. I have worked in many hospitals with many physicians and I am sure you know what an excellent physician you are. Bob Young is one of the best PA’s you will ever know too.

I am pleased with my progress and I am working on the 2 pills a day but still having a lot of low back pain in the middle of the day. My legs feel much better but I cooked Thanksgiving and took care of my new little 20lb, 5 month old grandson–and that probably was way too much. Anyway, I am excited about life again and it is thanks to you and your team.


– F.

Dr. Patel,

I had an epidural in Sept. from you and I have not felt this good since the car accident where the lady hit me from behind. I can walk, I can get on the floor, I can play with my grandchild and yes it hurts if I overdo it —— but it has been so long I feel like I am set free. I will see you in two weeks for another and I have told everyone I know about you.

I worked in a hospital a long time and your skill, professionalism and technique are excellent. I have NO idea except to save money why Emory Pain Center gave me a Neurologist. I wasted a lot of time money and pain in my life. I do appreciate your skills,

– F. J. H.

I was in a bad accident when I was 18. I broke my neck – the C2 vertebrae. Since then I have been in pain. I have trouble sleeping. I have bad range of motion looking to the left or right. I looked for help and found Alliance Spine and Pain Centers online and decided to give them a try. I’m seeing Dr. Davé and he and his staff have really taken good care of me. I have had 4 treatments. Now I sleep much better and I can actually rotate my head left and right. I’m able to concentrate better than I have in years. I highly recommend treatment at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers.

– C.H.

“My experience with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers was extremely relaxed. The staff at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers were all very professional and friendly. I can’t say I enjoyed having dye shot into my hip joint but I can say that all the personnel that assisted me were great, from signing in to the injection by Dr. Preetesh Patel. He was very gentle and caring regarding the procedure and told me all he was doing before he did it and what I could expect. Thank you for making me feel like more than a number.”

– N.J.

“I would like to thank the staff at your Hiram office. They were very professional and polite. I would also like to thank Dr. Patel. I needed a solution, not a script for drugs, and that is precisely what I got.. I appreciate his alternative solutions and honest assessment. Thanks for answering my questions.”

– D.C.