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Are you experiencing pain? We understand and we can help. Please contact us today at (678) 256-2667 or e-mail us at info@paincenterpc.

Comprehensive Pain Management Centers

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Living in pain is not the way you should live and Comprehensive Pain Management has a solution for your individual need. Whether it's back pain, joint pain, head pain, pain from metastatic cancer or other areas of your body, they will strive to give you relief through non-surgical methods.

Comprehensive Pain Management, offers a you 7 convenient locations from which to choose, positioned all around the Atlanta metro area. Choose the location closest to you - Douglasville, Dallas, Carrollton, Lawrenceville, Austell, Dawsonville, and Roswell. Call one of the location numbers below to make your appointment today and start getting the relief you deserve.

We Have Increased Our Services - Now open and serving the Atlanta community:

Comprehensive MRI & Imaging Center

Located just west of Atlanta in Lithia Springs, GA is the new MRI & Imaging Center. The physicians at Comprehensive Pain Management wanted an MRI Center that they could directly communicate with the MRI staff in order to discuss results from the test in order to provide the best possible treatment for the patient. For more about Comprehensive MRI & Diagnostic Imaging visit the website at

CPM Diagnostic Lab

Located just north of Atlanta in Roswell, GA is the Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol testing facility. Physicians from all over the Atlanta area can send specimens to the lab for accurate and cost-effective testing. They are now accepting walk-in drug testing for individuals. For more about Comprehensive Diagnostic Lab visit the web site at

CPM Compound Pharmacy

The compound pharmacy is located within the Austell location of Comprehensive Pain Management. The physicians at Comprehensive Pain Management find it beneficial when they can discuss directly with the pharmacist about their patient's compounded prescription. For more on CPM Compound Pharmacy visit the website at

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Where Back Pain Begins

Vertebral discs are the spinal column's shock absorbers. The discs cushion the vertebral bones and allow the spine to twist and bend. Vertebral discs are composed of two main parts, a soft inner nucleus...

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"This is the best organized and most efficient office I have ever seen. When you go here for a procedure, everything runs like clockwork. You are processed, treated and discharged in a timely and orderly manner. Everyone knows their role and does it. From an organizational and efficiency perspective it is amazing to watch. And, I might add, they did an excellent job treating my pain." T.H. June, 2014 + sign up now

7 Convenient Locations

CPM, offers a you 7 convenient locations from which to choose, positioned all around the Atlanta metro area. Choose the location closest to you: Austell, Carrollton, Dallas, Dawsonville, Douglasville, Lawrenceville, and Roswell.