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Where Back Pain Begins

Our physicians specialize in the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of individuals suffering from acute or chronic back and spine-related pain. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate pain and return the patient to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle! To read about where back pain begins+

Read What Our Patients Say About Us

"This is the best organized and most efficient office I have ever seen. When you go here for a procedure, everything runs like clockwork. You are processed, treated and discharged in a timely and orderly manner. Everyone knows their role and does it. From an organizational and efficiency perspective it is amazing to watch. And, I might add, they did an excellent job treating my pain." T.H. June, 2014

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

Atlanta's Source For Relieving Pain

Living in pain is not the way you should live and Alliance Spine and Pain Centers has a solution for your individual need. Whether it's back pain, joint pain, head pain, pain from metastatic cancer or other areas of your body, they will strive to give you relief through non-surgical methods.

The physicians at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers are highly regarded for their successful treatment protocols in treating chronic and reoccurring pain of any type. They offer the most advanced and proven cutting edge technologies, matched with innovative processes for optimal and enduring results. Each of our physicians takes pride in communicating with their patients in an open and sincere manner in a way that their patients can understand and trust. They look forward to working with you to help you live a pain-free and enjoyable life.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, offer you 15 convenient locations from which to choose, positioned all around the Atlanta metro area. Choose the location closest to you - Augusta Southeast Pain Management, Austell, Canton, Carrollton, College Park, Conyers, Covington, Dallas, Dawsonville, Decatur, Douglasville, Lawrenceville, Lithonia, Piedmont, Roswell. Call (770) 929-9033 to make your appointment today and start getting the relief you deserve.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers resulted from Comprehensive Pain Management (CPM) and Interventional Spine and Pain Management (ISPM) merging.