Routine Residence Security Checks can prevent theft, vandalism, and other misfortunes that often happen when homeowners leave town. Diligent professionals... Tuscaloosa Security Services is a credit to the trade. - Police Officer Lowe Tuscaloosa Security Services enhances the quality of living for my family. - Maurice, Client Guard your business...while you sleep! Complete Private Event Security... Control the Crowd before the Crowd takes control!
Private Security Tuscaloosa Alabama

Private Security

From guarding the doors at private parties to residence safety checks to armed escorts for citizens involved in legal situations or for those who just want to be safe while shopping, Tuscaloosa Security Services has the experienced security task team Tuscaloosa can count on!

Private Detctive Tuscaloosa Alabama

Private Detective

Is your spouse really having an affair? Can you really trust your teenager when they are out with friends? Are your children really safe while they are in your ex-spouse's care? Trust in Tuscaloosa Security Services to bring situations in the shadows out into the light.

Tuscaloosa Security Services Disclaimer

Tuscaloosa Security Services has the expertise to assist you in acquiring the evidence that you may need to protect yourself, your children and your assets. We can provide you with proof if your spouse is involved in an extramarital affair. We can help you locate assets that your spouse may be attempting to hide from you during a divorce. Most importantly, we can provide you with evidence that your children are in a less than safe environment if the situation exists. This type of evidence can be essential in child custody cases.

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